Service codeServicesAvailable resourcePrice
MA-06In-vitro antimicrobial activityAgar well plate method Microbroth dilution method800/- per sample/per organism
AF-07In-vitro antifungal activityAgar well plate methodMicrobroth dilution method1000/- per sample/per organism
UV-08UV Spectroscopy AnalysisShimadzu-1650300/- per sample
UVS-09UV Spectroscopy (λmax Scan)Shimadzu-1650400/- per sample
AOX-10In-Vitro Antioxidant activityDPPH radical scavenging activityReducing Power Assay4000/- per sample
EX-11Extraction (20gm)Soxhlet3000/- per sample
CLM-12Isolation of single compoundColumn chromatography10,000/- per sample
MOC-13Moisture contentHot air oven300/- per sample
ASH-14Ash Value determination (Total Ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble, water-insoluble)Muffle furnace2200/- per sample
EXV-15Extractive value (alcohol soluble)1000/- per sample
LCNT-16Leaf constant (Stomatal number, stomatal index, vein termination, vein islet, palaside ration)Camera Lucida2000/- per sample
TS-17Transverse sectionESAW, Digital Image1500/- per sample
PDRC-18Powder characteristicsESAW1000/- per sample
PTC-19Phytochemical analysis[Alkaloid, Glycoside, Tannin etc.]1000/- per sample
HPLC-20HPLCShimadzu- LC20302000/- Per injection
FTIR-21FT-IR spectroscopyShimadzu-8500s including ATR500/- per sample
FAD-22Formulation (Cream, Ointment, Film, Patch, Nanoparticle, Table etc.)3000/- per formulation (may vary depending on the formulation type)
PHEN-24Total Phenolic content determinationUV spectrophotometer- Method1500/- per sample
FLAV-25Total flavonoids content determinationUV spectrophotometer- Method1500/- per sample
IEO-34Isolation of Essential OilClevenger Apparatus3000/- per sample
IVAM-35In-Vitro α-amylase assay1500/- per sample
IVGD-36In-Vitro α- glucosidase inhibition1500/- per sample
HRGC-37HR-GCMSAnalysis of plant Extract2000/- (0-15min) 3000/- (15-30min)